December will be a super month in the library, with the addition of a weekly "Lego Day" each Friday before school. Make sure you come up and join in the fun.

The Library will have some super presentations for the Language Arts classes.
*December 3rd-7th: 7th graders will get enticing introductions to 2 Beehive nominees: The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart and Warcross.
*December 10th-14th: 6th graders will learn all about snowflakes and the man who made them his life's study.
*December 17th-19th: 7th graders will enjoy free time to choose books for their holiday reading.

School will be dismissed for the holiday vacation from December 20 - January 2nd, so make sure to check-out a book or two for your holiday reading.

November is always a great month at the Lava Ridge library, and this year was no exception.

As a special tribute to our Native American students, we had a terrific display highlighting their indigenous cultures. Nearly 30 LRI students were represented in our display.

We have also had some great presentations for our LA Classes
For our 6th graders, Mrs. Heath focused on the Beehive titles
*November 12-16, students got a "taste" of the super informational Beehive nominees.
*November 26-30, students got a "taste" of the fun picture book on the Beehive nominee list
Remember, students must read 1 book from either of these lists to qualify for the fun end-of-year Beehive party.

Our 7th graders had only 1 presentation during November:
*November 5-9, students were entertained with the wonderful figurative language in the Beehive nominee, Word of Mouse. This presentation front-loaded the 7th grade LA's unit on figurative language.
*November 26 - 7th grade LA students were only able to take care of library renewals and check-ins.

Lots is happening with the media center in October. 

The Scholastic Book Fair:
Our annual fair is being held October 1-5th in the Little Theater before and after school, and during parent-teacher conferences.  This is a terrific opportunity to get some great books.

The 6th grade LA classes will have the following presentations:
*October 2-5:  Mrs. Heath will share 2 great Beehive nominees: The Dragon with the Chocolate 
                        Heart and Word of Mouse.
*October 15-19 & October 29-November 2nd: Mrs. Heath share some terrific spooky stories

The 7th grade LA classes will do the following things during their scheduled visits:
*October 8-10: Classes will just take care of their library business = check-ins, renewals,
                      and getting new books.
*October 22-26: Mrs. Leany will share some scary books with the classes.

Halloween - Wednesday, October 31st:
* We will have some fun games to play before school and will have a Halloween backdrop available all day so students can take selfies with their friends. With all the students in costumes, these pictures are always lots of fun.

September has been a terrific month in the library. We got our "Pillars of Learning" up - with fun learning activities for students, and we have also had some great library lessons for our Language Arts classes.
September 4th-6th:
           The 6th grade LA classes learned how to find a fiction book using the library's Online Public
           Access Catalog (OPAC).
September 11th-14th:
           The 7th grade LA classes learned the characteristics of a Science Fiction book and how to find
            one of this genre using the library's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

September 18th - 20th:
           The 6th grade LA classes will get a super Book Fair preview - with the fair being the first
           week of October, this comes at a super time.
September 25-27th:
           The 7th grade LA classes will also get a super Book Fair preview and will also be able to
            sign-up as a member of the book fair's student crew. Students who sign-up for 2 shifts will
            earn a free paperback from a special collection.