February is a "sweetheart" of a month in the media center!
  • Our February 1st LRI Spelling Winners are:
    •  Kyla Larson, Mary Aydon, and Jonathan Fife. These awesome spellers will  compete in the district bee on February 18th. 
  • We're celebrating the Chinese New Year's "The Year of the Pig" in the library.
    • The Chinese dual-immersion classes have created a wonderful display, sharing the Chinese culture and students' work that focuses on the new year.
  • Our Language Arts presentations this month will focus on:
    • February 4-8: 6th graders will hear all about 2 of the super Beehive nominees.
    • February 11-15: 7th graders will learn all about maps and how to access different types for different purposes.
    • February 19-22: 6th graders will be treated with a super book-talk about 2 more of this year's Beehive nominees.
    • February 25-March 1: 7th graders will participate in an "author" book blitz, helping them discover more terrific authors and the books they've written.
2019 Will be a terrific year in the media center.
Be sure to check out our displays; these feature new books, a specific author, and themed collections.
And, don't forget - Friday morning before school is LEGO MORNING. Come spend time with friends before school building your perfect Lego creation.

January's Library Schedule:
  • January 3rd-4th: No classes are scheduled
  • January 7th-11th: 6th grade LA classes will be visiting. Mrs. Heath will share with them the wonderful world of Snowflake Bentley - the man who dedicated his life to photographing and learning about snowflakes.
  • January 13th-19th: Mrs. Leany and 7th grade students will get to play with books about the parts-of-speech, learning just how necessary and creative these can be.
  • January 22nd-25th: Mrs. Heath will present a super book talk on more of this year's Beehive nominees.
  • January 28th - February 1st: Mrs. Leany will also present a super book talk on more of this year's Beehive nominees; students will also participate in an OPAC review competition.
  • February 1st - Lava Ridge Spelling Bee 1st-3rd periods
    • Sign-up by January 11th.
    • Packets are in the library or can be printed by clicking on Spelling Bee link (look to your left ←).

December will be a super month in the library, with the addition of a weekly "Lego Day" each Friday before school. Make sure you come up and join in the fun.

The Library will have some super presentations for the Language Arts classes.
*December 3rd-7th: 7th graders will get enticing introductions to 2 Beehive nominees: The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart and Warcross.
*December 10th-14th: 6th graders will see how no one is ever too old for picture books as they experience Christmas picture books with each other.
*December 17th-19th: 7th graders will enjoy free time to choose books for their holiday reading.

School will be dismissed for the holiday vacation from December 20 - January 2nd, so make sure to check-out a book or two for your holiday reading.

November is always a great month at the Lava Ridge library, and this year was no exception.

As a special tribute to our Native American students, we had a terrific display highlighting their indigenous cultures. Nearly 30 LRI students were represented in our display.

We have also had some great presentations for our LA Classes
For our 6th graders, Mrs. Heath focused on the Beehive titles
*November 12-16, students got a "taste" of the super informational Beehive nominees.
*November 26-30, students got a "taste" of the fun picture book on the Beehive nominee list
Remember, students must read 1 book from either of these lists to qualify for the fun end-of-year Beehive party.

Our 7th graders had only 1 presentation during November:
*November 5-9, students were entertained with the wonderful figurative language in the Beehive nominee, Word of Mouse. This presentation front-loaded the 7th grade LA's unit on figurative language.
*November 26 - 7th grade LA students were only able to take care of library renewals and check-ins.