"Soft - Closure" in the Library
  • Students - we miss you, our books miss you, and we all hope we'll be able to see you again VERY soon.
  • During this time when students are at home, please note the following:
    • "READ & RETURN" policy: This means all books that are currently checked-out should be returned after you have read them.
      • There will be a cart just inside LRI's main doors - put your books there.
        • The main  door will be unlocked each Monday between 9-11 AM.
      • There will be NO fines for late books; students will only be fined if a book is damaged or lost.
    • SORA: Remember, you can still read using the WCSD's SORA app. 
      • Every student has a SORA account that should be right on the student's Google menu-bar.
      • If you've forgotten how to get in, just click on the library page's SORA link and log in with your regular WCSD google log-in and follow the prompts.
    • Chrome-book check-outs:
      • We still have chrome-books available. 
        • If you need one, or need to replace the one you have already checked-out, please come to the school on Mondays between 9-11 AM.
        • You can also call the school 435-652-4742 during school hours and we'll open the door for you.
The Library's reading programs:
  • Keep reading and keep track of your Beehive and 5-Books-in-6 Weeks reading.
    • We will still be giving you the rewards you'll earn.
Keep watching the Library's web-page - we'll let you know about any new developments for the library during this "soft closure".

March happenings in the media center:

5-books-in-6-weeks challenge continues through April 9th, so keep reading

Library closed March 5-6: 
                     Mrs. Leany & Mrs. Heath are going to a conference to learn all about new books 

Spring Break:
*March 16-20: NO SCHOOL = SPRING BREAK - make sure to check-out a book before you leave that Friday

LA Class Visits:
* March 2-4: 7th grade classes will learn how to protect themselves from fake news.
*March 9-13: 6th grade classes will get a fun book-talk on 2 Beehive nominees; The Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus and Not So Different
*March 23-26: Mrs. Wallace's classes will learn all about almanacs & Mrs. Robins's classes & Mrs. Crowton's classes will learn all about maps
*March 30-April 3: 6th grade classes will get another super book-talk presentation.

*March 30 -April 1: Teachers will get their textbook inventory slips - Inventory and Discarded texts will be due April 9th (the day before Easter break).

February's LA Class Visits:
  • February 3-7: 7th grade LA Classes will learn about internet safety and explore the NetSafe Utah site.
  • February 10-14: 6th grade LA Classes will have another one of Mrs. Heath's super book talks - this week she'll highlight some of the Beehive Informational books.
  • February 18-21: Mrs. Leany will show the 7th grade LA students the importance of maps and their many kinds and purposes.
  • February 24-28: Mrs. Heath will share more Beehive nominees with the 6th grade LA classes. 
  • 📕💗💖💗📕
Library Displays and Special Collections:

  • Take time to look at our ever-changing displays; one may be highlighting your new favorite book.
  • Did you know we have some special collections? Just a few of our collections are:  new books, graphic novels,  dystopian books, and multicultural books. Make sure to tell the librarians what kind of book you're looking for.