2017: January's Happenings

Welcome back to school. We hope you're ready to start this new year with some fun reading and learning.

This month Mrs. Heath will be doing some fun presentations for the 6th grade classes:
January 17: Students will learn all about Martin Luther King Jr.
January 18-23: Students will be treated to a special a Beehive book-talk.
January 31-February 3: Students will uncover the mysteries behind snowflakes.

This month Mrs. Leany will broaden 7th graders' library skills with some fun activites:
January 10-12: Students will see how authors explain something, using the same strategies they're learning in their LA classes.
January 24-26: Students will explore Princess X and the real city where this story takes place.
February 7-9: Students will learn how to navigate maps and learn why there are so many different kinds.