November is a Time to be Thankful for a great Library

Happy November -
We have New Books:
We are getting and processing new books all the time. Come check out the new titles. There are stand-alone novels, new series, new books within an existing series, and some great non-fiction books. You can find these on top on the collection' 2nd counter.

Scheduled Class Visits

The 6th grade students have been receiving great book-talks when their classes visit the library. Mrs. Heath has been sharing Beehive nominees and books from our Yellow Dot program with these students.  In addition, students were introduced to books written by some of the most popular young adult authors when then participated in a Speed-Reading/Book Blitz activity. And on Thanksgiving week, classes will only come to the library for check-ins, renewals, and check-outs.

The 7th grade students also participated in a Speed-Reading/Book Blitz activity, with many of the students choosing to check out these well-written and engaging books.On the week of November 13-17 7th grade LA classes will be looking at a few of the resources available through Utah' Online Library.

When students come back from the Thanksgiving break, classes will resume their library lessons when they come for their twice-monthly visits.

The Library Has 12 Kindles

These Kindles have all 16 Beehive Nominees loaded on.  If  you are interested in checking-out a Kindle, please come to the library and get a student/parent agreement.