May 26 - School ends... Don't forget to read this summer!

May in the Media Center

  • The library will remain open until May 13.
    • Students may continue to check-out books and visit the library.
    • Before school activities will also be available 
  • Library closes May 13.  
    • All books and fines must be taken care of by this date.
  • Beehive reading challenge ends May 13
  • Beehive party will be held May 17.

April in the Media Center

Class visits in April:

  • 4/4-8: 6th LA classes will play a library review game
  • 4/11-14: 7th LA classes will play a deal-or-no-deal game during their final library class visit
  • 4/19-22: 6th LA classes will pay a deal-or-no-deal game during their final library class visit
Other Media happenings in April
  • The 5-Books-in-6-Weeks challenge ended April 8th.  All students and teachers who completed the challenge received a free book, a stretch bookmark, a full-sized candybar, and a donut.


March in the library

Read Across America's 5-Books-in-6-weeks continues
*Make sure to get details in the library

class visits in March
*6th LA Classes visit on March 1st-4th & March 21st-25th
*7th LA Classes visit on March 7th-11th & March 28th-April 1st

Don't forget - Spring break is March 12th - March 20th

February in the Library

Read-Across-America Reading Challenge begins February 28th
Come to the library for all the fun details

February Class visits:
6th LA visits: January 31st - February 4th, February 14th-7th, & February 28th - March 4th
7th LA Visits: February 7th-11th & February 22nd - February 25th.

Don't forget the 4-day weekend: February 18th-21st.

January in the library

January Class Visits:
6th LA visits: January 18-21st
7th LA visits: January 10th-14th & January 24th-28th

The LRI Spelling Bee was held on January 24th with these terrific students participating:
 Congratulations to all of our great-spelling-Gilas


December in the Media Center

    • December 7-9: 7th LA = Book-talks
    • December 14-16: 6th LA = Poetry
    • December 22-January 4: Holiday Break

    • November 1-3: APPL testing
    • November 7-11: 7th LA = Informational Books activity
    • November 16-18: 6th LA = Tornadoes
    • November 22-23: 7th LA = Returns/renewals
    • November 24-28: Thanksgiving Break
    • November 30-December 2: 6th LA = Poetry