March will be awesome in the media center


Scholastics book fair: 
  • The Book Fair will be open March 2-4 from 7:20 - 2:30 each day, including during school.
  • The fair will also be open during Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • When you make your first $10 purchase, you can also enter a fun drawing for super baskets donated by the PTA.

Read-across-America: 5-books-in-6-weeks Challenge
  • You choose the books you want to read. Your only requirements are the number of pages and the variety of genres needed to fill your bookmark.
  • Watch  for the posters in the hall & come get a "challenge" bookmark to keep track of your reading.
  • The challenge will go from March 1 - April 9, including spring break.
Scheduled Class Visits:
  • March 2 - 4: 7th LA classes will only come for check-outs and renewals.
  • March 8 - 15: is spring break, so there will be no class visits.
  • March 16 - 18: 6th LA classes will have a great book-talk with Mrs. Heath.
  • March 23-25: 7th LA classes will hear Mrs. Leany highlight Beehive nominees from former years
  • March 30 - April 1: 6th LA classes will have another great book-talk from Mrs. Heath.

  • February 2-4: 7th LA classes began their biography research unit.
  • February 9-18: Both 6th LA and 7th LA classes watched a super Book fair author video.
  • February 23-25: 6th LA classes came to the library for check-ins, check-outs, and renewals only.


Happy New Year - 2021!

January Class Visits:

  • January 11-15: 6th Grade LA classes will learn about Snowflake Bentley and his contribution to the study and photography of snowflakes.
  • January 19-22: 7th Grade LA classes will be introduced to research skills and sites as they begin they biography explanatory research unit.
  • January 25-29: 6th Grade LA classes will get  a "taste" of this year's realistic fiction Beehive nominees.

LRI's January 25th Spelling Bee

  • Lava Ridge will hold its annual spelling bee in the Media Center on January 25th.
  • Registration/information packets can be picked-up in the media center.
    • All registrations must be returned by Thursday, January 21st.
  • The LRI spelling bee is a stand-alone contest. The top 3 spellers will be given awards.


    • December 1-4:
      • 7th LA Classes learn about historical fiction and how to identify important historical facts to research.
    • December 7-11:
      • 6th LA Classes will learn how to access and use SORA, the Overdrive electronic-reading app.
    • December 14-18:
      • 7th LA Classes will review OPAC use and show their understanding through a CFA (Common Formative Assessment)
    • December 19- January 4:
      • Holiday Break - Be safe, happy, and read-read-read!


    • November 2-6:
      • 7th LA classes learn about "COURAGE" in literature through the 3 Beehive nominees: Resistance, Other Words for Home, and Illegal.
    • November 9-13:
      • 6th LA classes also  learn about "COURAGE" in literature through the 3 Beehive nominees: Resistance, Other Words for Home, and Illegal.
    • November 16-20:
      • 7th LA classes are introduced to the  library's various magazines and what interests each periodical focuses upon.
    • November 23-24:
      • 6th LA classes take care of their library business only - with returns, renewals, and checking-out new books
    • NOVEMBER 24-30: Thanksgiving Break - Happy Turkey-Day